Kenwood tm-v71

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High RF Power Output (50W)
The TM-V71A provides an impressive 50 watts of RF power (VHF & UHF), with a choice of High/Mid/Low output.

Dual Receive on Same Band(V/V,U/U)
In addition to simultaneous receive on both VHF and UHF bands, this radio can receive two frequencies on the very same band. This means, for example, that you can have both the call channel and local channel, or the repeater channel and local channel, on the same band.

1,000 Multifunction Memory Channels
There are 1,000 split memory channels for storing essential data - such as transmit and receive frequencies, frequency step, and tone frequency - plus an additional 10 for programmable scan. You can identify each channel with up to 8 alphanumeric characters (Memory Name function). Additionally, memory data can be edited and stored on a PC using the optional PG-5G programming interface cable and MCP-2A Memory Control software (a free download from the KENWOOD website*).

Multiple Scan
As well as VFO scan, program scan, MHz scan, memory scan and call scan, the TM-V71A offers memory bank scan: the 1,000 channels are grouped into 10 banks for selective scanning. Also featured are scan resume (time-operated, carrier-operated, and seek), memory channel lockout, tone scan, CTCSS scan, and DCS scan.

EchoLink® Sysop Mode for Node Terminal Operation
When the TM-V71A is connected to a PC (with the necessary Windows-compatible software installed) using the PG-5H option, it can operate as a node terminal for EchoLink. EchoLink® connects radio amateurs through the Internet using VoIP technology: any transceiver with access to a node can connect to any other in the world as long as it too has node access. It is also possible to access the EchoLink network directly from a PC. 

Programmering cable PG-5G

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Met deze handige kabel kunt u uw Kenwood-transceiver op uw computer besturen / programmeren, bijvoorbeeld met MCP-2A-programmeersoftware, gratis beschikbaar op de website van Kenwood.

Het ene uiteinde van de kabel heeft een 8-pins mini-DIN-stekker die wordt aangesloten op de COM- of pc-aansluiting op de radio. Het andere uiteinde heeft een USB-stekker die wordt aangesloten op de USB-poort van de pc. De kabel bevat een USB naar serieel converter, dus de radio verschijnt als een COM-poort op de pc. Lengte ongeveer 1,7 meter (indien nodig kunt u een USB-verlengkabel toevoegen tot een lengte van 5 meter).